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About Us:

We are a wholesale electronic parts distributors since 1947. Our Heritage
is the Strongest and Longest in the Vacuum Tube Industry. We stock
Vacuum Tubes and Electronic Components from many of the best
domestic and foreign manufactures in the world today. Vacuum Tubes
are purchased factory direct and is our specialty.

What We Do:
We sell Electron Tubes . All Types . The tubes we sell range in price
from $ 5.00 - $ 10,000.00 dollars plus. They are used in Consumer Electronics,
Broadcast Electronics, Military Electronics, Aircraft Electroincs, Medical
Electronics and Industrial Electronicis.

About Us
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What We sell:

*Glass tubes for Hi-End audio amps, guitar amps and studio equiptment.
*Large Hi-Power tubes for TV \ Radio Transmitters and Industrial RF Heating.
*Magnetron tubes for Radar systems and Industrial Microwave Heating.
*Cathode Ray Tubes(CRT's) for Radar displays and Commercial Monitors.
*Planar Triode tubes for Avioinics and Radar systems.
*Special Purpose Tubes for test equiptment and instrumentation.

We also sell:
*Connectors for the Broadcast, Studio, Audio, Musical Instrument Industry.
*Hi Voltage Capacitors
*Transformers for Vacuum Tube Amplifiers.
*Transistors for Hi Power Audio Amps and Radio fhz power amps.
*Equiptment Racks, Shelfs, Drawers and Rack Accesories for Radio-TV Studios.
*Microphones for Musical Instruments, Live Vocal Applications, Recording Vocal Applications.

About Us
| What We Sell | Contact Info

Contact Info:
Tel: 818-997-6279 | Fax: 818-997-6158


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Address Info:
ARS Electronics
7110 De Celis Place
Van Nuys , California 91406

Our Location:
Van Nuys, Ca. is located in Los Angeles County within the Los Angeles
city limits. We are in the San Fernando Valley 5 minutes north west of Hollywood
& 5 minutes north of West Los Angeles, and 5 minutes from the Entertainment
and Studio district of Burbank, North Hollywood and Hollywood.

We are 1 block west of the Van Nuys Airport. 1 mile west of the 405 Freeway
on Sherman Way.

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